Big Benefits of a SEO Reseller

Are you in the market for a SEO reseller? When you need to sell products or services, search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely one of the most practical methods. A reseller of SEO can make it much easier to market those products, and often involves a free account. Here are some types of features you should look for in a company:


  1. Long-term guarantee

Any company worth its weight in gold will offer a relatively long-term guarantee for its SEO services. For instance, some companies offer guarantees between 1-2 months. This provides enough time for the SEO products to produce results, but not require a super long time for that to happen. The bottom line is that a guarantee helps to provide customers the assurance that within time the SEO products will start producing tangible results.


  1. No contact of client

This is critical as it will help to eliminate potential problems involving customers being aware that third parties are providing SEO services. It’s highly beneficial when a white label company guarantees that it will never contact your clients. This can help to maximize your company’s products. While such companies can help to market your company’s products through SEO, staying anonymous can be critical in helping the company’s operations to appear seamless. On the other hand, if it seems that third parties are involved in its operations, this can cause problems as the customer might have the perception that it’s dealing with two different companies.

  1. Best keywords/phrases found

This is important, as it’s the essence of SEO. Without effective keywords/phrases, it will be difficult to maximize your company’s profits. That’s why it’s critical that a white label SEO company provide resources that can help to find the keywords/phrases that will produce optimum results. This should involve staff and tools that can help to achieve that goal.


  1. Branded video

This is an effective SEO tool, as it uses a popular, interactive medium that introduces your company’s brand to potential customers. It’s an added bonus when a white label SEO company provides this service for free as it reduces your company’s overhead costs.


  1. Results tracking

This is critical as it’s important for a company to be aware of the day-to-day results of white label SEO. It’s important that a company be aware of exactly how much traffic is being driven to its website, via the use of SEOproducts. On the other hand, if an SEO company doesn’t provide this service it can’t be difficult to gauge how effective the company’s services are.

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  1. Significant profitability

For example, some companies guarantee that your company will earn a 100% markup or more on the company’s rates, each month. This type of rate-of-return guarantee is important as it provides quantitative benchmark for returns on a company’s products. Which such guarantees it can be difficult to decide whether or not it’s worth going with a certain white label SEO company. It’s highly advisable to look for a company that offers such a quantitative guarantee on a return of investment.



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