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From Web, TV to Cinema: Some Rules to Observe Comments Off on From Web, TV to Cinema: Some Rules to Observe

From Web, TV to Cinema: Some Rules to Observe

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Digital Marketing

Rules change from time to time. This is true with corporate video production. Often, the rules that worked may not be longer work after some time. You need to update and be observant of certain trends to stay in the game. There are new rules and old rules according to corporate video production in Birmingham. The old rules may still work, but the effectiveness is waning. The new rules work, but it still needs to be in the mainstream. To be competitive, you need to monitor both the old and the new rules. Who knows, you might be able to discover your own rule that works.

The 30 Second Rule

The 30-second rule was made for television, but it still works for corporate video production. However, on social media, this rule cannot be used. Social media uses the rule of the few seconds. This means that the shorter your video, the more people will watch it. To maximize the 30-second rule, certain elements must be in place. For instance, you must deliver your key script within the first 8 seconds and wrap everything up in 10 seconds. The rest of the video will support your first 10 seconds. This is how it goes then. It is still in effect today.

The Specific Post Code Rule

This rule is specifically for video production designed for television. To target an audience, you may need to use the specific postcode rule. The postcode is the location of the viewer. Not every location has the same viewer. If you target your video to a certain postcode location, make sure that majority of the viewer, as gathered by your information gathering, compose your target audience. Otherwise, your effort will go to waste. Most postcode locations consist of a specific demographic group. Once you identify it, choose the video production to show to the group. Different postcodes may need different videos.

The Big Screen Rule

The big screen rule is more specific. It targets the audience of a movie. The movie rating will help you with your video presentation. If the movie is for general audiences, then you can easily show something that is acceptable to all ages. However, if the movie is for a restricted audience, certain peculiar products or services can be shown. Targeting your video is much easier with this type of situation. Movies can be easily classified, and the expected audience can be drawn easily. You have a good picture of your target audience.

The Online Rule

The online rule is more chaotic. A mixture of ages and demographic groups go online. You may need to sort out things before you decide on your corporate video. To assure you of a better chance in your video campaign, advise from outfits like Birmingham corporate Production Company can prove to be helpful. You will no longer need to spend resources on research. You let the production company do it for you. It will also become easier to produce the video, since all the necessary details will be provided by the production company.

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How the Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeships can Help You Comments Off on How the Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeships can Help You

How the Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeships can Help You

Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Digital Marketing

Involving into apprenticeship is making your skills developed and used it properly for future endeavor that you may be aiming about. If it is digital marketing and social media is what you would like to be involved about, you can join the digital marketing and social media apprenticeships which can be your first step in the digital world. You can make the most out of the apprenticeship by being involved with their different activities that can make you show out all your skills that you can also use on your future job role.

So for you not to wait any longer here are some of the things that the digital marketing and social media apprenticeships can do for you:

  1. It can help you in reaching the career path that is right for you.

Through the apprenticeship you can identify which skill is more of your craft. You can identify on what you are enjoying more. But then you can take advantage of what you have learned on the activities in the apprenticeship. You can have specialty of using the social media to engage with your target viewers and can become a website designer. You can also use other skills in any job role that you may be entering in the future that is involving the digital marketing and social media.

  1. You can learn more skills that are not even included in the activities you have joined during apprenticeship.

The other skills that you may still learn that are not included in your apprenticeship are: to know more strategies that can make your target viewers engage with your brand, be more creative, being the best one that you can be on a job role that you will be choosing. After apprenticeship, you will be doing your own success and you can do it by learning more on the job role you will be involving.


  1. You will understand more about how to get the attention of your target viewers.

Apprenticeship is also a stepping stone to the job role involving digital marketing and social media. Once you are finished with apprenticeship you will have now more idea of how to get the attention of your target viewers. You can now use social media, videos, chats, blogs or websites to engage to your viewers. It will be easier for you to know what will be the best for the brand you are going to work with.

There is definitely digital marketeer apprenticeship vacancy and social media apprenticeship vacancy that you can find if you will be interested in digital marketing and social media apprenticeship. If you find digital marketing and social media as your way to reach your career path, then absolutely you are making the right choice. You just need to find the apprenticeship mentors to completely help you in achieving your goals. There is nothing more like to be a digital marketing specialist once you finished this apprenticeship. You can also get involved to social media as social media manager.

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